Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Shifting Gears to Adobe Flex and C#

Times change and so do jobs. I'm starting a new job in two weeks working with rich internet applications - Microsoft SQL data store, C# middle-ware, and Adobe Flex GUI. None of which I have any professional experience but I'm eager to learn.

So what this means is that Squeak, Erlang, and Rails take something of a back seat while I learn the technologies for my new job. I plan on dabbling in Erlang and Rails for being the middle-ware for my own personal projects.

Meanwhile, I wrote a Sudoku solver in Flex for my algorithm analysis class.


Overall I really like the Flex framework thus far. It is nice to know that Flash 9 has a 90% browser penetration, so it makes for a reliable platform for distributing my own Flex applications. The applications look really nice as well - as a Windows application developer I've always found most web applications not quite up to snuff.